Why PM Manipulators?

Having applied design and technology in a wide variety of production areas since 1998, our company has concentrated its 32 + years of experience and credibility on pneumatic manipulators, which are the indispensable components of modern production.

Both today and tomorrow, ERHA engineering shall continue to be at your service with its applications and its reliable services.

It shall render the ERHA PM manipulators, bringing together the confidence of the experience and the dynamism of the youth, a brand of Turkey that shall last for many years.

PM Manipulators Digital Catalog.

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PM Manipulatorsis an Erha Muhendislik brand


Pneumatic Manipulator Supporter with double cable

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Pneumatic Manipulator Transporter with double cable

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Pneumatic Manipulator Helpful with double cable

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Pneumatic Manipulator Forceful with articulated arms

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Pneumatic Manipulator Powerful with articulated arms

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Pneumatic Manipulator Hercules with articulated arms

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